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About Direct Sales

The Direct Sales Industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with two main goals - to provide an incredible opportunity for self-growth for all Independent Consultants and to provide superior products and services for our customers. Take a moment to discover why joining Azuli Skye would be a wonderful choice for you.

Is Azuli Skye jewelry sold in retail stores?

No. Azuli Skye jewelry is sold exclusively by independent Azuli Skye Consultants.

How do Consultants sell the jewelry?

Party plan is one type of direct selling, and it's simple because the Hostess invites friends into her home or workplace to meet the Consultant and to purchase the products. Azuli Skye uses party plan, which we call our Home Show, as our primary method of distribution, but our Consultants can also sell to individuals via phone, fax and e-mail. 

What if I have no sales experience?

It might surprise you to know that most of our successful Consultants have never sold anything before. Azuli Skye's training systems and simple selling methods will rapidly turn you into a confident Direct Seller.

How much time will it take?

You customize your business to your individual goals and desires. You may want a fun diversion in your already busy life, or you may choose a career path with unlimited learning potential. Part-time or full-time - the choice is yours! Your sponsor can help you customize a plan that's right for you.

Would I be an employee of Azuli Skye?

No, Consultants are Independent Contractors, and they are responsible for filing their own Federal and State Income Tax. Independent Contractors may be eligible to take advantage of the tax savings of running a home-based business.


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