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In 2008, I began this business in the dining room of my home with a dream to provide high quality, affordable jewelry that would appeal to a variety of personal styles and an opportunity for women to find financial freedom through owning their own business.

What I’ve learned along the way is that not only does AZULI SKYE provide the ultimate in flexibility and unlimited income potential, but that the greatest gift we offer is increased confidence and self-esteem through our personal development training and support.

I love to look and feel great, and no matter what outfit I choose to wear each day, I can create the perfect look by dressing it up with crystals or going a bit edgy by adding leather and stylish jewels. It’s the fastest and least expensive way to reinvent yourself and make your clothes look new again! Our jewelry is designed for women who want to discover and express their own personal style. You will feel confident as you go about your daily life accomplishing extraordinary things.

With AZULI SKYE you can build your jewelry collection without spending a lot of money -
especially when you host a party and get your jewelry for FREE!

While I love fashion and jewelry, the favorite part of my job is helping other women live
their lives on their own terms. This business has made it possible for me to live my
dream of helping other women see all that is possible and then helping them achieve it.
In the short time AZULI SKYE has been in business I have realized that I am truly blessed.
I love sharing these blessings through beautiful, unique jewelry and stories of success.
Thank you for playing a part in all that we have and all that we plan to achieve. Whether
you are a customer, Hostess or Consultant, you are making a difference in the lives
of others.
We believe all women deserve style, independence and the flexibility of building a career
that fits into their lives. We are just getting started and invite you to join us on this incredible
journey. It’s your time to start living for a living!


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