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In addition to a few examples of curriculum vitae, you are given at virginiafrancoresumes.com, the top 10 tips for putting together the perfect professional curriculum vitae.

Top tips for putting together a quality curriculum vitae

Highlight your skills and experience in your syllabus.

When writing a curriculum vitae, it's important to highlight and emphasize your core skills and work experience. It details the activities you perform in chronological order.

Have a differentiated curriculum

The good thing about a resume is that it should be unique, it should represent you, it should be simple and original. This is a great opportunity to show all your skills in a different way: feel free to choose an original biography design, attach your profile URL or online course, place a QR code in your syllabus that leads to your presentation video.

The perfect bio

It all depends on your professional experience. If you've worked for more than 10 years, there's a good chance you'll take up 2 pages, however, every day more is recommended so that people interested in any type of position will be able to summarize their information on one page.

Indicate for each position the missions and tasks to be performed

This way, the recruiter can better understand all the skills and knowledge you have that were involved in each of the missions performed and that allowed you to achieve your job goals.

Be honest

You can lie on your resume, but sooner or later you will find out what you really know or when the time comes to put it into practice.

Add distinctive elements to your resume

Attaching a link to your personal blog, a QR code to a video or to your portfolio can be a crucial element in a candidate's selection.

Accept criticism

Feel free to show your syllabus to several people to give constructive criticism and thus improve it before submitting it.

Specify your skill level

Specifying your level of language proficiency, use of programs, etc. Will allow the recruiter to get a more specific idea of your skills and level of use.

Being able to summarize information is the most important thing in writing a curriculum vitae. For the best guide on how to write it, go to https://resumegets.com/, a guide on how to write a quality resume.


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