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A miscarriage spell – What is it?

Ending a pregnancy is a very painful topic philosophers, psychics, theologians, religious groups, medical professionals, and other people have been arguing about for hundreds of years, without ever reaching a unanimous agreement if a miscarriage spell is a crime or not. Various arguments have been used in favor of ending a pregnancy and I, professional spellcaster Maxim, would like to list and review some of them here in this article to answer my readers’ questions about miscarriage spells and miscarriage magic Spellshelp.com. The first argument for abortion is that a fetus is not an alive person yet. It doesn’t have a conscious mind or dreams. I can’t agree with it and I strongly believe that the human embryo is a human being starting at the moment of conception. It’s been proven that the fetus can feel and respond adequately to its mother’s emotions, recognize its parents, have dreams, and feel emotions, from sadness or joy. So the fetus is anything but an “emotionless piece of human flesh”. According to the second argument, ending a pregnancy with a spell for miscarriage is allowed because the fetus doesn’t have a soul. Many people have decided to move forward with this spell based on this argument. According to multiple ancient sources, the fetus acquires a soul at the time of conception. It means when a sperm cell penetrates the egg, the soul is already there waiting and this soul stays inside the human being until he or she passes away. Thus, ending a pregnancy with miscarriage spells is a murder. Other arguments include that women have a moral right to decide what to do with their bodies and that if Higher Powers were against it, this kind of magic wouldn’t exist. As for the first argument, women are responsible for the baby starting with the moment it’s conceived. It means they will be responsible for all decisions they make regarding the baby, including for those that violate the laws of the Universe and karma. As for the second argument, you should remember that Higher Powers prevent most miscarriage spells from taking effect. However, they can’t stop powerful magic practitioners. What they can though is to punish the clients who engaged such powerful magic practitioners to get the work done.

A spell for miscarriage and who falls victim to it

You’re punished for using a miscarriage spell because you commit a murder. You can consider the unborn baby whatever you want and believe the baby doesn’t have a conscious mind or a soul, but you should remember that the baby would have been born, grown up and had a life. So when you use spells for miscarriage, you deprive the baby of it, meaning you take the baby’s life, which is the definition of the murder. Besides, you take away the baby’s mother’s happiness along with that of the baby’s father and other family members. You deprive the mother of the opportunity to experience the joys of motherhood. You deprive the father of the joy of spending time with his son or daughter. You take away the joy of grandparenting from the baby’s grandparents. If we take a peek into the future, we’ll see that: - Someone will be deprived of his or her best friend; - Someone will be deprived of the love of his or her life and his or her soul-mate; - A whole branch will be torn off of the ancestry tree; - The world will be deprived of an outstanding scientist, musician, athlete, actor, etc.; - The world will be deprived of a nice person who could have helped many people; - It’s all your fault. When you use a miscarriage spell or have a powerful witch cast one driven by rage or envy, you don’t think about the consequences and the fact that a soul won’t be born because of you. Now let’s think how many people will be affected by it. The consequences will affect multiple people, spreading out like circles on the water. The life of everyone affected will be incomplete. The more people get affected, the more severe punishment you will incur. You’ll be punished for every person whose life has been affected by your miscarriage spell.

Spells for miscarriage and what happens to people using them

Like I said, Higher Powers rarely let a spell for miscarriage take effect. So I, spellcaster Maxim, am pretty sure that if you try to put this spell on some woman, you’ll fail. However, it doesn’t mean you won’t have to pay for it. It’s like being an assassin and not shooting someone because your gun jammed, or like being a terrorist and failing to kill a bunch of people because your bomb didn’t go off. The offenders will be punished for an attempted murder and so will be you. You’ll be punished for an attempt to end another woman’s pregnancy. Any miscarriage spell is a crime and you’ll be punished for it accordingly. For this reason I, spellcaster Maxim, keep reminding my readers that the consequences will ensue even if their spells for miscarriage fail. However, I, spellcaster Maxim, don’t rule out the possibility that a miscarriage spell can actually be useful to you. I’ll tell you about how to order such spells and who to order them from in one of my future articles. RAW Paste Data


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