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All tourists, especially Russians, love the all inclusive food system - "all inclusive". And many, mostly vacationers for the first time, overestimate themselves and their capabilities. They try "this salad and that thing", washing them down with a variety of drinks. And often this behavior ends with overeating (the easiest thing to get rid of), upset stomach or acute gastritis (thanks to fried, spicy and fatty dishes). This does not mean that now the table needs to be bypassed, it is enough just to follow a few rules.First, a small digression from the topic. What is "all inclusive"? This is, simply put, a "buffet" on which local and national dishes are placed in large quantities, and anyone who has paid for the all inclusive service can enjoy anything he wants in any quantities. The term "buffet" appeared several centuries ago, when the Scandinavians, who invited many people to visit, tried to cook food of exceptional long-term storage. Thus, they devoted their time not to endless preparation of dishes, but to communicating with guests. The buffet gained wide popularity after a similar practice was adopted in railway stations and restaurants of hotels for visitors.Let's look at how to temper the ardor and desire to try everything at once.- Before eating, it is better to drink a small amount of water to dull the feeling of hunger.- Study the table carefully. Choose what you want to try more than the rest. You should not type everything into the plate, "according to the list".- Try not to exceed your usual food allowance.- No need to try to eat enough at a time. It is better to try dishes unfamiliar to you, because upon arrival home, such an opportunity is unlikely to present itself again. So, try exotic fruits, interesting seafood dishes, unusual meat preparations. By the way, it is absolutely not recommended to mix fish and meat dinner at one time.- It is better to take plates of medium or small size, thereby limiting yourself in portions.- It is better not to drink food, because it is better absorbed with natural, not diluted with liquids, gastric juice.- Observe the most trivial ways of combining products.- Be sure to put in the first aid kit a remedy that improves digestion and relieves the feeling of heaviness in the stomach. If you want to make money, go here, on the most known online casino Vulkan casino login and by playing you will earn money.


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