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Men's Field League: the southern teams in check

The 1st Men's Fistball Bundesliga South starts on Saturday with four matches. All eight teams are in action - from the current German champion TSV Pfungstadt to the two promoted teams TV Vaihingen/Enz and TV Waibstadt. Andreas Gruber takes a look at the teams, their preparation and gives a forecast for the 2022 field season.

TSV Pfungstadt

Also in the 2022 season, the "yellow" machine will be at the top of the table. The preparation was still a bit bumpy, Karlsdorf unfortunately had to be cancelled at the last moment. In the other spring classics, eighth place in Stammheim and victory in Vaihingen/Enz were the result. The team was not yet satisfied with its own performance, but all players were given time to prove themselves. The squad remains unchanged.

Only the frequent players of the TSV, Patrick Thomas and Jonas Schröter could miss the TSV sometime - the both have a mammoth program with training course for the national team, European championship in Kaltern and the World Games in Birmingham before itself. In addition, the club team will play in the World Cup in Brazil, the Champions Cup in Widnau and - very likely - the German Championships in Brettorf. This team has the highest predictions on the site online betting in IPL.

TV Käfertal


As last year's runner-up and DM participant in the hall, the Mannheim team is certainly highly rated. However, Marcel Stoklasa is not yet back at 100 percent after his knee surgery. The squad of the Quadratestädter remains almost unchanged. Nevertheless, the TVK can announce one new addition: Maximilian Breyer joins the team from the Palatinate and wants to face the challenge of the first league. The qualification for the DM in Brettorf will certainly not be a foregone conclusion.

In the preparation, the second place in Karlsdorf, ninth place in Stammheim and the participation in the final in Vaihingen/Enz were achieved.

TSV Calw

TSV also has a newcomer to announce. Bastian Dangel will join the team and provide further relief for Raphael Schlattinger. Thus, the Calw team is certainly another candidate for one of the two still open DM qualifying spots. Heiko Bestle, meanwhile, has left the team after several years and will make a career change. Coach Thomas Stoll has a broad squad at his disposal. After three qualifications to German field championships, the men want to go to the national title fights again this year.

In the preparation Stammheim finished tenth and Vaihingen/Enz sixth.

TV Vaihingen/Enz

After the outstanding indoor season, the team from Enzstadt certainly wants to step up in the field as well. The potential for this is certainly there. The team missed the bronze medal at the indoor championships by a hair's breadth. In addition, with Johannes and Jaro Jungclaussen as well as Jakob Kilpper, three players of the TVV will represent the German colors at the European Championships in Caldaro - and thus provide the largest contingent of players from one club.

In Stammheim the Vaihinger were with place six the best German team. Under the Kaltensteig at the own tournament last weekend the fourth place jumped out then.

TV Unterhaugstett

A broad squad with outstanding youth players who are breathing heavily down the necks of the established ones and are eager for action time: TVU should be the first chaser in the secured midfield. On the first matchday, Unterhaugstett will face TSV Calw in a derby.

The team won its own preparatory tournament and finished fifth in Vaihingen.

TV Schweinfurt/Oberndorf

Only on the last game day 2021 the TVO could be secured the class preservation - that was a nnappe thing. With the relegation round one wants to have certainly nothing to do in this year, if all men are on board it can go also a piece far upward.

TV Waldrennach


That will be a more than close box for the TVW: If six teams fight for place two and three, the class preservation for the team appears as mammoth task. Defensively, they are certainly one of the best teams in the first division south. Oliver Kraut has also played his way into the squad for the European Championships in Kaltern.

TV Waibstadt

Also for the TV Waibstadt, which sets only on homegrowns in the rows, it will become surely difficult to remain in the league. However, TV Waibstadt is certainly on a good way to lay the foundation for the future.

The season will be hard for everyone and will drag on for a long time. Focusing on the next games and refocusing after the events is a challenge that must first be mastered.


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