The site of the Admiral Casino has been blocked. Why and what to do? PDF Print E-mail

The site of the Admiral Casino has been blocked. Why and what to do?

Blocked the site of the Admiral Casino. Why and what to do? Since online casinos are prohibited in Russia, RKN fights against violating operators by blocking access to gambling resources. This is the reason why the Admiral Casino website could be blocked.australian online casino However, unlike some other cases, blocking this particular casino even plays into your hands. What exactly is the Admiral brand? The Admiral brand belongs to the British company Luxury Leisure, which is owned by the famous developer Novomatic %s... This is a very large brand, under which more than 60 gambling establishments have been opened around the world. There is also an online casino that is licensed in the UK, operates according to all the rules, but does not focus on Russian punters. However, operators targeting the Russian audience often use this name when creating unlicensed gambling sites. They do not have a license, and instead of normal games, there are fakes. They have nothing to do with the official brand, and the fact that government agencies have blocked the Admiral Casino website is really for the benefit of the country's residents. There are various additions to the name Admiral, which are used by fraudsters, but mostly Admiral 777 or 888 comes out when prompted. There may be many other options, for example, XXX or Max or something else %s... Perhaps they have one owner, maybe not, it doesn't matter. The fact is, none of them are licensed and they are all on our casino blacklist. It is very easy to check for a license. Usually, an icon is published in the footer, symbolizing the presence of a license, and by clicking on it, you go to the official website of the regulator, where you can find confirmation of a license. And it doesn't matter if the site is a mirror or the main domain, the license information should be in any case. If it is not there, or the link is not provided, then this is a bad sign. Mirror for Admiral Casino The official website of the company that really owns the Admiral casino brand will never create mirrors for Russian punters to bypass the block. And if you need mirrors of scammers, you will find them in abundance %s... Just think a hundred times before contacting them. It is not for nothing that they are ranked among scammers. On this topic The best and worst developers of online pokies Just those who borrowed the name Admiral casino consistently deliver working mirrors of their sites. Thanks to other solutions like VPN, anonymizers, special browsers, etc., you can get access even without mirrors. But always remember what will happen to the punters in the end. Firstly, they twist their fake games, which means you are robbed of your chances of winning %s... And secondly, scammers have a habit of refusing payments for no reason. You will be lucky if all the mirrors are quickly blocked, and the Federal Tax Service will blacklist them to block payments. This would save many punters from mistakes. Admiral casinos blocked an account and did not pay Such a scenario is very likely, since these are scripted casinos, without a license, any control and obligations. Given that their purpose is initially to deceive, then we can expect that everything will end in just such a scenario. Admiral scripted casino blocks the account and refuses to withdraw money - this is predictable. If this happened to a normal casino that has a license and values ​​its reputation, then it would be possible to file a complaint, turn to official arbitration and try to fix the situation. However, in this case it is no longer possible to achieve justice, since such operators have nothing to lose %s... There are many complaints of this kind on the Internet. Players win but cannot withdraw, file complaints and cannot achieve any results. There is still at least some hope when the operator comments on situations on third-party resources. But here you can not even casinos australia It happens that such operators pay money, but only if they believe that they can get even more out of you, and then close the conclusions. They don't need any reason to take your money. As soon as you have funded your account, this is their funds.


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